Ghost 6.0 Upgrade

When I first started writing my posts, I was using Ghost 5.5, and missed the ability to spell check intensely. Ghost 5.5 was using a weird and wonderful browser editor that meant the inbuilt spelling checkers within current browsers was unable to actually function.

I've run through the posts many times since I started writing and corrected spelling mistakes where I could find them, but I'm really bad at proof-reading my own work without some virtual help. Hopefully that wasn't too obvious or annoying!

Eventually I moved to using Atom as my editor for all new posts, because at least it had a spell check feature available. It had its own annoyances as I like writing in markdown (my Atom and the Never Ending Italics on _TARGET post is a good example), and was giving us better quality both from the writing and reading perspectives.

Well, Ghost 6.0 was finally released a little while ago, and I've just got around to installing it and seeing what happens. The good news is, with only a few minor modifications to my website deployment script all appears to be up and running in the new version without any major issues.

The best news is the new editor within Ghost does allow the browser to identify (and therefore easily fix) spelling mistakes using the in-built spell checker. One more pass through all my original posts and all but one needed minor modifications (yeah, I'm really bad at spelling) - it turns out the spelling checker in Atom wasn't as good as I thought it was either!

Now that I have moved back to typing directly in the Ghost interface I can say I'm much happier - copy/pasting between Atom and Ghost was never ideal even if it did solve a fundamental flaw that Ghost had implemented originally and taken well over a year to fix.

Of course publishing this post will be the ultimate 'tell' that all is really working right? :)

Now, off to run the publish script and see what happens.........